Please join us for lunch or dinner

and travel hassle free,

even if you are not a Highgate local!


We refund booked tables 50% of your Uber journey each way (up to £10 per journey) Tuesday to Saturday.

Offer valid during July and August 2021 only. 

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11AM - 4.30PM 



Italian fine products,

our fresh homemade pasta and sauces, meat and fish

dishes, pizza, salads, 

desserts & coffee.

Menu changes every week.


Local Italian flavours in the heart of London

Inspired by regional Sicilian recipes, Don Ciccio serves a modern take on Italian cuisine in the heart of Highgate. Located on Hampstead Lane, we aim to bring a slice of the Mediterranean and warm hospitality to London. Discover more and read our menus below.  


Our Italian Neapolitan espresso  in Highgate 

Don Ciccio opens at 11am, Tuesday to Sunday.

If you're too early for food, you can enjoy our authentic espresso, cappuccino, latte, caffe latte

and our home-made Italian cakes!  

Italian Pizzeria

for all tastes

We offer a special selection of few original Italian pizzas at our restaurant and we can also deliver them to our clients  through our partner catering company.

Since we started during the spring 2021, we managed to gain the rank of Best Pizza Makers of North London!



Events & Parties

Advance bookings only


Hire Don Ciccio's venue for parties! We'd love to hear from you!

Your party can be set up and booked through our partner company website:

25% off YouEatItalian prices on menu options when hiring Don Ciccio's venue!


We are listed in the Camden Directory